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What's In a Name---A LOT!

The name of a product is one of a customer's first impressions of a brand. If it is a bad name, it will reflect poorly on that brand. Just off the top of my head, I can come up with a few poorly named products:

1) RoC Moisturizer: Nothing says soft skin like RoC
2) AMC Gremlin: The definition of Gremlin says it all---An imaginary gnomelike creature to whom mechanical problems, especially in aircraft, are attributed
3) Apple iPad: We all heard the sanitary napkin jokes
4) Audry: Can you even guess what this is? 3Coms internet appliance
5) Crack Cream: See my other blog about this product and my thoughts on the name

I was at the grocery store recently and came upon this product. "I And Love And You". I had to look at it several times just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Is there really cat food with that name? Sure enough there is. Can you imagine asking someone to pick this up at the sto…

A Foray into Wearables

So, “wearables” really do seem like the next big thing to take over our lives, just bringing us that much closer to cyborg-dom. Because of my interest in running and fitness, I’ve found myself unwittingly at the forefront of this movement. Back in 2007, I adopted the Nike Plus running app along with their sensor shoe pod thingy because I was really getting into running regularly and was interested in keeping track of all my miles. A few years later the Nike+ app came out for the iPhone and the sensor for me became obsolete. Then, around 2010-11 ish the whole 10,000 steps a day and new digital pedometers were becoming all the rage, and soon I was reading posts from friends about their clip-on pedometers and whatnot. The name “FitBit” was getting bandied about quite a bit, but at the time I wasn’t really interested because the Nike+ app and I were doing just fine. 
Then came all the articles about how horrible sitting all day was—even if you were to exercise an hour a day, it wouldn’t …