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Terminology never sleeps.

As a day-to-day manager of design and print projects, being able to use the right vocabulary as I shuttle among customers, artists, vendors and production managers is key to our mutual success. Like slang, the latest words make the design world go ‘round. Not long ago, International Paper Company’s Pocket Pal was the reference tool used to confirm the differences between impositions and impressions; moirĂ© and make-ready; tracking and trapping. I would jot new terms down in the back of the book -- words from the trade like easel-back and carton convenient, or words adapted among my vendors for communications purposes such as smidge, smoosh and the real definition of “ASAP”. Today, the book is in its 19th edition, and I’m confirming the difference between GIF and TIFF (or is it TIF?); matchprint and match color; recycled and recyclable; cross-platform and cross-media; line-screen and stochastic. With so much change coming to design, production and traffic, sources of new terminology ar