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Choose Your Own Dadventure

Our inboxes are certainly seeing an increasing number of email blasts these days, and like everything else, familiarity breeds contempt. Most get a click of the "Delete" button with nary a glance. It takes ingenuity to get noticed, and that's what the folks at have done with their Father's Day promo email. From the fun title to the engaging game format, they've turned what could've been a typical sales pitch into something fun and memorable. Click on the image to see it larger. Stephanie Han Windham

Bring On-Line Content to the Shopper

Since we work primarily in consumer electronics, the idea of delivering content and information about a complex product to a customer’s smart phone was a great option. Since most POP never makes it on or near the product, and videos in-store can be cost prohibitive, the idea of being able to fine-tune and control the message in-store was very appealing. The Tag can be placed on packaging, in a brochure or on a sticker. The Microsoft Tag requires the user to download an app to their smart phone. Once they have the app they use the camera function on their phone to scan the tag and they are taken directly to on-line content. We are suggesting to our clients that they put video content on a customized YouTube channel. This also opens up the possibility of having customers sign up for promotions and special offers while in-store. The relationship with the customer becomes more defined since there are built in tracking, metrics and analysis tools. The one drawback is that flash files can’t