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Adobe Creative Cloud: A Design Firm's First Impressions

A few months ago we were looking into upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 6 when they rolled out the Adobe Creative Cloud . For a monthly subscription fee we'd have access to ALL of the programs in Creative Suite, which was very appealing. As we all know, design software is very expensive. Consequently, we only got what was "essential" to our core business. Since we do mostly print, the core programs we use are Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We do work on web sites and multimedia, but since not everyone works on those projects only a few people in the office had programs like Dreamweaver, Flash, Premier, etc. The problem was that if the people without certain programs wanted to learn it on their down time, they couldn't due to lack of access. That is no longer a problem, and all of the designers here have been taking advantage of the increased access to learn new programs.  From our IT Manager's perspective, the benefits have been:  • Easy license

Google Dashboard–An Online History of You

I recently came across an article in the Wall Street Journal about how Google has made it convenient to observe your online behaviors, past and present,  all in one place. It's called "Google Dashboard" and it's a pathway to an insightful revisit, embarrassing memory or possibly both. Obviously, documentation only takes place when you are logged into a Google Service (like a gmail account) and preferences for the collection of data is editable. As the article points out, it's not only about being ashamed of your past interest in boy bands but a tool to reconnect with your personal online archive. Looking ahead decades from now, this will help you remember what was happening in your life—places you were mapping, chats you were having, and photos you were taking on your phone. ONE OF THE MANY ANALYTICAL BREAKDOWNS OFFERED BY GOOGLE DASHBOARD If you have a gmail or other Google account and want to meet your online self, here's your opportunity. F