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I'm Ready for the Robocalypse...if They'll Clean Up My Cats' Poop

I first saw the Litter Robot at CatCon LA last year, browsing through the aisles of every kind of products for cats imaginable, including a lot of tech items. It's sort of the Rolls Royce of automatic cat litter boxes, with a price tag to match ($450, but hey free shipping!). My boyfriend and I joked that this would be one of the first things we'd get when we moved in together, since between the two of us there would be three cats and we could just imagine what the litter box scooping situation would look like. Fast forward a year later, and we decided to take the Litter Robot plunge! We read up on all the reviews, of course, and when I saw that it was one of's picks for best of pet tech from CES 2017, it sealed the deal. When it got delivered to my office about a week after placing the order, I was pretty impressed with the package design; they do a lot with just black ink on corrugate cardboard. It's cost-effective but still impactful: simple, clean

Minimalism has ruled for a while—is it time for "Maximalism"?

Came across this intriguing  article  about how minimalism' grip is loosening in the design world, making the way for "maximalism." Judging from the crazy patterns on some Lu La Roe leggings that have been making the rounds in the office, this observations seems to have merit. As a devotee of minimalism and a survivor of the 80s, I'm a little wary of this trend, but as with all things, it's a cycle and we've come back around to "expressive" and "vibrant" but also possibly "overkill." Perhaps we're approaching another roaring 20s!