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5 Ways to Get A Retail Buyer to Love your Product

We have designed packaging for established brands launching a new product into their line as well as start up companies trying to establish themselves in a crowded market. One of the biggest hurdles to getting product on to a shelf is selling the product to a category buyer at the retailer. Here are some ways to help get your product on shelf and into the hands of your customers: Do your homework. Go visit the retail stores you are interested in and take note of  how the product is merchandised on shelf. If most products are pegged and you are thinking of designing a box that sits on the shelf, rethink your strategy. Show the buyer that you understand your category. Size Matters. There is a delicate balance between over packaging a small product so you increase the product's presence on shelf, and working withing a store's planogram. Buyers want to be able to have as many product facings as possible in a limited space. Make sure your product fits within the product cate

Inflated Fun with Trevor Pearson Productions

Whenever a noteworthy promotional mailer comes through the doors it’s a cause for comment. One such mailer from Trevor Pearson Productions came in a few weeks ago and we ended up having a lot of fun with it. At first it seemed like a simple multi-panel mailer, merely showcasing the photographer’s witty pictures of balloon animals posing with various props.  Then we got to the final panel and saw the balloon stuck in there and things got a lot more interesting.  On the back of all the panels were black and white illustrated diagrams on how to make the particular balloon animal—fun!  One of the designers in our office had a hidden talent and managed to show off his balloon animal-making skills. Check out the final result: All in all, a perfect storm of creativity, wittiness and execution. We applaud Trevor Pearson Productions for a truly fun and effective promotional piece.