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"Graphic Design—Now In Production" at The Hammer Museum

Since graphic design is mostly a utilitarian and practical art, it doesn't get a whole lot of chances to get the museum treatment. So when an exhibit like this comes around it's a cause for excitement. I'd also never been to the Hammer Museum , so I got to kill two birds with one stone. It was a fairly large exhibit, divided into several sections such as Typography, Books, and Branding. Most of the exhibit was devoted to the avant garde and pie-in-the-sky production processes (fun stuff that most graphic designers never get to do—because of things like, oh, a budget) which were really interesting and fun to see, but the section that really got my attention was a display called "Brand New," where they showed the "before" and "after" of well-known logo after a redesign and had people vote on which they preferred by placing a yellow chip in a tube in front of the logo they liked better. This was something I could really relate to, as it is somethi