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5 Communication Pitfalls: Agencey vs Client

These communication pitfalls have been rattling around in my head for quite some time. These issues mostly pertain to clients communicating with agencies, but I imagine these pet peeves can be on both sides. I was wondering if I'm being overly picky or if others find these communication missteps as irritating as I do? Don't get me wrong---I'm grateful for all of the new technology that makes communicating much easier, but it has also created some pretty bad habits and unnecessary confusion. Creating an email from an old email with an unrelated topic. When someone simply can't be bothered to create a new email with a relevant topic to what they are writing, they must not care about what they are passing along. I have had clients send content for a project and attach it to an unrelated email and wonder why I can't find it.  Sending edits for a project via instant messaging or through a text on my mobile phone. Working in a marketing agency with multiple cli