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Everlane's Retail Transparency (I'm not Talking Like Lululemon Yoga Pants)

I'm not even sure how I first became acquainted with the Everlane online retail store, but I do remember why I signed up for their emails and website access. They were transparent about their costs to produce high quality merchandise. Part of Everlane's mission statement is as follows: "At Everlane we're committed to Radical Transparency. That means showing you all our costs and processes." They started out with everyone's wardrobe staple, the t-shirt. Materials $3.84 + Labor $3.30 + Transport $0.11 = True Cost $7.25 Typical retail cost is $50 but Everlane retails for $15.00 All I could think about is all of the t-shirts I have purchased that get tossed at the end of the season because of fraying hems and holes. I was intrigued and signed up and ordered my first few t-shirts. I wasn't disappointed. And, best of all, they are manufactured in the U.S. Everlane has built their online business by creating a brand that is classically designed,