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Everyone Loves Minions---Even Amazon and Pantone

Is there anyone that doesn't think these animated characters are adorable? Even the sounds they make bring a smile to our face. We are all aware of merchandising opportunities with these characters. They can be seen on pajamas, shoes, plates, t-shirts, umbrellas and furniture---just to name a few. Even Tic Tacs joined the fun.  I'm sure Universal is making a killing. But who knew Amazon was going to get in on the fun. We are all happy when we see that brown box with the smile sitting on our doorstep. Imagine how much happier we will be when we see a Minion too. All of Amazon's shipping boxes will be a joyful Minion Yellow adorned with the cute characters. But wait, Amazon isn't the only one jumping on the bandwagon so is PANTONE. I was reading Graphic Design USA's latest issue (May | June 2015) with an article on the annual color forecast. In a first ever collaboration, PANTONE and Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships and Licensing are

Cal State Long Beach - Graphic Design Senior Show 2015

Cal State Long Beach recently held their Graphic Design Senior Show for this year's graduating class. In traditional fashion, this is an opportunity for graduating students to show off their creative work accomplished during their 2 years in CSULB's always strong Visual Communications program.  This year's class titled their show "For the Love of it," and clearly showcased all the love and hard work that went into making it a success. A notable aspect of the show was how the class divided up the work between 4 different galleries. The main gallery was where all the students' individual work was displayed. If you want to stand out to potential employers, this is where you do it. The second gallery was where they displayed team projects and other collaborative efforts. From what I've heard about the design program over the years, they've really bumped up their efforts in showcasing how