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Misuse it and lose it. The good, bad and ugly of QR codes.

More and more we are seeing the use of QR codes in our daily lives. Are they effective? It all depends on how you use them.  Yes, they are meant to inform, educate and satisfy curiosity, but most importantly they are meant to do so in a convenient manner. This isn't always the case. My own recent encounters with QR codes leaves me shaking my head and frustrated with how some establishments use them. Some of the best uses I've seen are when they happened to be somewhere you're waiting, and have time to scan and view whatever they have to offer. Such places are a gas station and a restaurant at your table or even your takeout food box or food wrapper.  However, while there are good uses of QR codes, there are also plenty of bad ones. Not necessarily in terms of design, but more so in how convenient they are to use. I once saw a QR code on a billboard. While it may work for some drivers stopped at the right place and right time, it didn't work for m