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Virtual Reality - Future 2.0

A look into the past to understand the future These are exciting times in the world of technology. It is hard to look even a decade back,  and wonder how life was before many of today's technologies became commonplace. Before we dive into the topic of this Blog post, it is important to take a moment to reflect back, in order to understand the future. Only a decade ago we didn't have smartphones and tablets with intelligent assistants like Siri, Google now or Cortana. Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter were concepts barely out of the dorm rooms. High Definition TVs and streaming services were dreams and we would get our movies from a video store or have DVDs mailed to us at best. We didn't have one-click ordering on Amazon with Prime delivery within 2 days. GPS was an expensive gadget few could afford and most of us were using paper maps to get to places. We didn't have online ratings for every restaurant via Yelp, and YouTube had not even been invented yet.