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Even When you Buy Online, Packaging is Important

We specialize in designing packaging. Most of what we design is found on shelf and online. We focus our efforts on what will distinguish our packaging from competitors in a retail environment. However, we also feel that the packaging and the out-of-box experience is also an extension of the brand and reflects the quality of the product. So even if a consumer only sees the packaging when it is shipped to his or her home, it should reflect the brand in a positive way. I was overjoyed when I received this Mortier-Pilon canning kit from I purchased the product from the internet without looking at the additional packaging shots. I loved the design of these canning jars. They took mason jars to a whole new level. When the product arrived I wasn't expecting this: This fun whimsical package design, reflects the modern vibe of the product inside. If this were to be purchased in-store, the ribbon handles were a nice touch that gave it a DIY feel which is what cann