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Let Your Packaging Sell Your Product, Not a Funny Name!

So I ran across this product while I was traveling in NY and needed some earplugs.  I can't sleep without them. Earplugs are notoriously hard to find on shelf so I had to scan many products. I came across this product and got quite a chuckle. I don't think I need to explain why (To be fair, it was awhile ago, and the package design could have changed since then.): Zim's Crack Creme---we can assume that Zim is the pharmacist who created this all-natural herbal wonder cream (creme) for your crack. Or is that really what this means. Surly it couldn't. We design packaging and I couldn't help but analyze this package as I would for a client. The first thing we help our clients do is to prioritize the elements on the front of the package. What is the most important thing to communicate? The name? The brand? The why-to-buy? The features? Obviously, Zim felt the name of the product was most important. But if the name of the product doesn't really convey what it doe

A peek into the future

Here at JDA we like to embrace the latest technology trends including 3D visualization. So we paid a visit to the 2013 Siggraph show at the beautiful Anaheim convention center. Not only is the show an opportunity to see the latest tools available to designers, but it also provides a venue to see a glimpse of the future as part of the emerging tech exhibit. Here are 4 trends that particularly caught our attention. Augmented and Virtual Reality: We offer many of our customers a chance to see packaging and in-store pop designs before it is implemented through our 3D design and pre-visualization work. But imagine being able to walk through a store and see virtual products pop up on real store shelves or be able to interact with virtual products up close and personal online. With wearable tech such as Google glass or Oculus virtual headset around the corner, we see a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to online and of