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How Can Manufacturers Present their Brand at Retail?

Progressive brick-and-mortar stores want to offer their customers an experience. The stores that come to mind are: Urban Outfitters, Trader Joes, and Restoration Hardware---to name just a few. In each of these stores, a certain vibe is presented. It is communicated through the interior design, the sales staff and how the product is displayed. Shoppers come back, because they like how the store caters to their needs. They make shopping an experience. The relationship between the retailer and the manufacturer is complicated. They both want to sell their product and make a profit however they are at odds as to the best way to do this. They both have different objectives. No where is this more obvious than in the high-tech industry. Retailers take tech products and line them up and provide a check list of features. Some brands have the same exact features. Take ink jet printers for example. Best Buy is now requiring each manufacturer to have the exact product sticker. The