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Springmaid at Target — Fresh!

I was on just another mundane shopping trip to Target when the new packaging/environment designs for the new Springmaid bedding collection totally bowled me over. The whole aisle was so well-coordinated and appealing that I probably spent a good 15 minutes looking at stuff I didn't need! The packaging's simple and elegant design allows you to see and feel the fabric and really lets the product be the star. The photo of the flower they use on the packaging connotes "freshness" and the "Spring-ness" of the Springmaid brand and serves it well. Even though these are very reasonably-priced products they feel much more high-end. Tasteful environmental photos that give shoppers some helpful inspirational ideas on which pieces look good together are the capper to this very well-thought out display. Kudos to Target and Springmaid on a great collaboration. Stephanie Han Windham