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Shopping for Phone Cases is #$%# Complicated!

For an uncomplicated product, such as a phone case, it sure is complicated to buy one. You used to be able to walk into a store and the category was organized by the manufacturer of the case. There were very few players back then---Belkin, Targus and Apple to name a few. I remember Belkin owned a corner of that market with their blue packaging. It served as a billboard for their brand in that aisle: Well things have certainly changed in-store and on-line. There are so many cell phones on the market a brick-and-mortar store can't carry them all. Customers are shopping by the phone manufacturer like Samsung, Apple or Motorola. On top of that they have to look for the type of phone they have such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple iPhone 5C or the Motorola Moto G. Case manufacturers couldn't keep up, so their brand name became irrelevant. Below is a picture of what the market used to look like circa 2010 in an Apple store: Now the category is in at least 5 different pla