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Showing posts from December, 2007

Cool Christmas Promo

Got this in from Dana Maione, a photographer in Torrance, CA--A for effort! Very nicely designed and color-coordinated. You know you're looking to wow when your packing material matches your stuff! You open up the box to reveal a mini-portfolio of her photographs. And then you see a little box in the box... It says "yummy", and the "M" is punched out When you open the card, you see it's from Dana Maione Photography, personally signed. And the prize: chocolates! Personally printed with her logo and stuff--too cool.

Box For an $18 Eyelash Curler

Been meaning to get a Shu Uemura eyelash curler for years, and finally my sister picked one up for me at Barney's New York. So this is what kind of packaging an $18 eyelash curler gets. Simple. Minimal. Classy. I like it. Wish I could say the curler changed my life, but it didn't really. Steph Han Windham