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The Digital End Cap Powered By SYNQY

SYNQY is a cloud subscription service that makes it easy for manufacturers to put interactive, up-to-date branded content on resellers e-commerce sites. Place the SYNQY script in an appropriate area near the product and buyers are fed branded content once clicking on a top layer image—without leaving the dealer’s site. The top-layer and content are independent of the 3rd party website, so content is updatable without any further intervention by the website owners. Why do we call call these digital end-caps? Because they provide a branded area the manufacturer can control on a retail website. Just like in a brick-and-mortar store, when a manufacturer purchases space on an end aisle, they can brand that endcap and control the message. Below are samples of some live SYNQYs Kenwood eXcelon Authorized Dealer Badge Purpose: Raise awareness of Kenwood eXcelon Line and why-to-buy   SiriusXM “2 Ways To Save” Promot