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Looking back: What I learned from the the Pepsi, Starbucks and Tropicana redesigns.

3 years ago, Pepsi redesigned their logo. Most everyone hated it. That same year Tropicana redesigned their orange juice packaging. Most everyone hated it as well. Not long after, Starbucks simplified their logo much to the dismay of those that thought it was unnecessary. Like they say— time heals all wounds, and as "hurt" as we were by the tweaking of our beloved brands, I have gathered my thoughts and compared what I thought then versus what I think now… When the Pepsi redesign materialized, the office was abuzz. Especially because accompanying it was a ridiculous 30-page design strategy that compared Pepsi to the center of the universe and pointed out past and present Pepsi logos' geometric qualities. There were comparisons to the Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man, and even a section about Pepsi's "gravitational pull" and it's relation to the speed of light. WTH?! The most useful thing to come out of the design strategy was a design study of varying smiles