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Reinventing the Power Strip. Pivot Power.

So a power strip isn't a very sexy product, but everyone has one or several in their home. There have been several innovations with the product over the years, but this one is so simple it is genius. How many people can use all of the plugs available on a strip? Try plugging in a camera battery charger next to a large plug with 3 prongs. The issue is they are all in a row. Imagine making the strip flexible. Pivot Power was born. Genius. You can use every plug. For such a simple concept, the packaging is equally innovative and simple. A formed egg crate  with a plastic cover and a simple label that reveals the unique design of the product. The back shows the product in use. We at JDA love simple concepts like this. It sells the product in a simple straight forward way. It helps, of course, that the product is truly innovative.