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Gregg Berryman Retires

After 41 years of mentoring and inspiring young designers at CSU, Chico, Gregg Berryman is going to retire. He is a professor at California State University, Chico, and has won many national design awards. He is a practicing design consultant and author of several articles and books on design theory and tips on visual communication.   O n October 16th all alumni and friends were invited back to Chico to share their work, their stories, and reconnect with old classmates featuring an alumni show and reception to celebrate forty years of graphic design at Chico State. It brought back all the great memories of Gregg breaking down design into his patented "matrix," his humbling but enlightening critiques and commanding your respect with his insight and witty personality. He was honored with testimonials from students from each decade he has taught at CSU, Chico. All which held Gregg responsible for their successful careers and for an unforgettable academic experience. After