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You've Gum a Long Way, Baby!

Big redesigns can come in all sizes. Who would've thought that something as simple as chewing gum could benefit from an updated look? Gone are the days where we can just pick up a simple 10 or 25 pack, grab the "tear here" tab, and rip our way to foil wrapped gum.  Now you'll find an array of packaging styles, varying gum sizes/flavors, and even different ways that these packages work and fold.  Before, gum used to be fully exposed once opened and prone to falling out of the packages once you're at that last handful of pieces, but gum packages nowadays close and even lock shut to conceal the gum and work as a handier carrying case than in the past. Colors and flavors have come a long way too. You used to find a lot of primarily flat colors when picking up packs of gum. But with the advent of new flavors and flavor combinations, the color and designs of these packages are more eye catching than ever. The one of most interest is the design of 5 Gum.  Never

what's a LAMA?

LAMA is a new trend in POP for the US. This type of display has been used in Europe for many years. Made of cardboard, rubber bands and held together by an innovative and patented design by Marins, enables it to fold out, install automatically and fold flat.   Its compact and lightweight design allows the lama to be easily transported and shipped at a low cost. Eco-friendly materials and a small retail footprint can appeal to a variety of costumers.  The Lama can give a product or advertisement a short-term or permanent display with the option to customize the shape, size, and color. JDA recently had the opportunity to create a lama for Canon. The lama was displayed in-store at a size of 11” x 30”, and was easily placed on a counter top where consumers could clearly see the visuals and interact with the lama. The lama was printed on both sides; therefore, it could be flipped to reveal new graphics with a different messaging.