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In our never-ending quest to extend the lives of our portable gadgets, we came across this little gem RavPower. While the product itself is rather unremarkable, being a simple powerbank, it is clear that the manufacturer has put some thought into the design of the packaging to set themselves apart in the sea of similar products. T he clean and elegantly simple box only says “POWER YOUR LIFE” and the center graphic drives the point home. It shows the Power button, accompanied by pictograms representing our mobile lifestyle. It covers everything from gaming, to videos to maps, and messaging; a cleaver way to show us that when you need to live the mobile lifestyle to the fullest you will need all the power you can get and that this product will deliver that for you. Playful graphics on the sides of the package further develops on this concept. Upon opening the box, you will be greeted with a simple “Hello” printed on a small multi-lingual book