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New Movie Advertisements of Note

Recently a couple of movie advertisements have caught my eye for being decidedly different from the norm. The norm meaning the star's giant head emerging from a dark background with the title of the movie underneath. It's a formula that's been prevalent for about the past two decades and these new advertisements are certainly a breath of fresh air. The first is for the movie "Drive." The first time I saw one of its posters on the side of a bus I wasn't sure what I was looking at. It was a close-up of one of the stars, Christina Hendricks (the red-headed bombshell from Mad Men), with just the word "Drive" in big pink script in the lower left quadrant. Was this an ad for a clothing store? Make-up? Upon closer inspection one can see the "In Theaters 9.16.11" and it becomes apparent that this is for a movie. I was struck by its graphic simplicity and mystery. This movie is considered an noir action thriller, something that's not too obvio