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SEO, Analytics and Tweets, Oh My!

I just went to an on-line marketing seminar and most of the day was spent absorbing new vocabulary. What it all boiled down to is there are more ways to reach out to customers and it is more measurable. All great things when you are in marketing. In addition, I picked up some valuable nuggets of information: 1) 29% of our time is spent on line however only 8% of most marketing budgets are spent toward on-line marketing initiatives. (Something to ponder, or at least have my clients ponder) 2) 37% of our time is spent consuming TV and 35% of most marketing budgets are spent on TV marketing efforts. (Not very logical but hey, Super Bowl commercials are expensive) 3) One billion people are using social media on a daily basis. (Can you say Tweet!) 4) 93% of people trust product reviews from people they have never met. (We can find our future mate on line, so why not trust a stranger's opinion on products?) 5) Of over 250 million mobile phone users, 90% can accept a text message. (Hopef