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Back to the Future with Polaroid Z340

I first heard of the Polaroid Z340 from a friend, who posted about it on her Twitter feed. When I followed the link and saw its photo, I was struck with a wave of nostalgia. It reminded me very much of the Polaroid camera I had in college, which I used to take reference photos for art classes. This was the early 90s, and therefore, way pre-digital. Which begs the question: does a camera like this have a place anymore in our almost entirely digital photography world? Judging from my artsy-craftsy's friend's enthusiasm, I'd say yes, albeit a very small place. While a vast majority of people prefer to share their photos digitally--for reasons of speed and economy--there are definitely times when you'd like to be able to print photos on the fly. Say, at a kids' birthday party, a wedding reception, and other such occasions to produce instant keepsakes. I think that's why photo booths have become such popular fixtures at special events these days. If you consider