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The State of Graphic Design as a Profession

This simple thread from Christopher turned into something I'm sure even he didn't expect. A place to vent and share to sympathetic ears. Follow Christopher Terms in graphic design that drive you crazy!!!!! "CLEAN - Tired of hearing it. I'm a designer not janitor. I know what you're getting at when you say it but it's been said too much over the years and it just irritates me. What's a graphic design term do you hate?" To date there are over 7,600 comments and responses to this thread. Everyday new responses pop up in my feed. Some are funny and just poke fun at what clients ask for because they don't know any better. Others are shared from designers who are completely frustrated by the lack of respect graphic design receives as a profession. I have to admit that I joined in the conversation and posted a couple of items. Like the time a Product Manager didn't like the color we chose for her package because she would