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PANTONE® Lighting Indicator Stickers

Getting perfect color for your design projects can be a difficult task. Creatives and clients have battled over "just-the-right" shades for years and it's not getting any easier–or is it? One major issue is the color temperature of the lighting in which both parties are viewing the project. It's a similar issue to viewing a project on a color calibrated monitor and a monitor that is not. Colors will never match. Pantone has created a way to help distinguish a properly lit environment for viewing. They're called Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers and they consist of two light-sensitive patches that react to your viewing illumination. Proper lighting is considered to be D50-range lighting (5000k, the recommended illumination for accurate color evaluation). When the sticker is placed in D-50 range lighting, the two patches will match. But when the lighting is subpar the two patches will appear to be different shades–warning the viewer to move to a better lighti