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The earBudeez Brand inspires a Korean Comic Strip

As a design agency, we are lucky enough to work with clients who trust us in delivering creative that fulfills their design criteria but also inspires them. Back in 2009, we assisted with Audiovox's "Mobility Expanded" rebranding effort. This earbud product line was focused on the tween demographic at a price point around $10-$15. Audiovox discovered that at this particular price, the packaging, colors and style drove the purchase decision versus overall performance for higher priced CE products. After exploring competition we felt that one priority the earbud's category was missing was personality. We presented a variety of directions and made such an impression that the client ended up changing their marketing approach to a good-better-best scenario. This way they could incorporate 3 completely unique ideas instead of settling on one. The direction Audiovox chose for the "Good" category was a creative direction inspired by a desire for individuality.

The Philippines and the Retail Experience

During a recent vacation to the Philippines, I made sure to take photos and pay closer attention to my retail experience so that I could share what it’s like to shop there. Different But the Same At first glance, retail in the Philippines isn’t that much different than here in the U.S., most notably if you're in a highly developed area of the country. There are a variety of grocery stores, and walking around the mall feels like walking around a typical mall here. Unless of course, you’re braving the ridiculously huge Mall of Asia or Megamall. For electronics, you won’t find a plethora of big specialty stores similar to Best Buy, just as you wouldn’t easily find stores devoted to sporting goods such as Sport Chalet. Instead, like many things in the Philippines,  it’s easier to find smaller boutique-style shops in a mall or department store where there is far less merchandise and more customer service and attention.  PC Express — small electronics store within a mall