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Printed Things I Miss

For the last several years, there are so many printed items that have disappeared and many more will be disappearing in the future. Here are a few items I miss. 1) Printed Ticket Stubs We were on the way to a concert with our son and all of the sudden we realized we had forgotten the electronic tickets we printed out at home. My husband remembered that he had the electronic tickets in our drop box. When we got there, they scanned the tickets off of his phone. I miss those days when you put on a coat, you haven't worn in and while, and reach your hand in your pocket, and find a stub to a show you had gone to over a year ago. Last year I purchased a book for my son to save his ticket stubs. Unfortunately, he has to use pieces from our electronic print outs. This made me very nostalgic for the days when we had a ticket stub as a souvenir from the show. 2) Vinyl Albums Covers I have saved all of my old vinyl albums and toted them across the country three times when I moved. The art