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Costco: The Good, The Bad & The Meh

Even though Costco doesn't carry that many SKUs (only 4,000 compared to Walmart's 150,000), the size of the warehouse space and the variety of product can be overwhelming. During any trip I make to Costco, I always take a look at some of the packaging and displays and note what grabs my attention and others that are just so-so.  Since Costco is self serve, displays are the silent sales person. In addition, if there are only 2-3 brands in a category the packaging and display must work harder to capture the consumer's attention and sell the product. The Good iHome: I was immediately drawn to this iHome packaging and display: The display invites you to take a closer look. The pallet wrap is colorful and tells the customer what the product is: A Rechargable Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone. The packaging has a hologram that changes color as you walk around the display which mimics how the product performs. The pallet holds a counter top type display that

JDA joins with Canon and SCORE at an Event for Small Business Owners

On September 30, 2016, we were invited by Canon USA to be a part of a small business outreach event at their beautiful  Canon Experience Center in Costa Mesa, CA. Co-hosted by Canon and  SCORE  ( a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses), the evening for the 123 attendees featured speakers, photographers, product demos, and us— JDA . David Jensen, Patty Jensen and Stephanie Han were on hand to provide design advice to small business owners on whatever marketing materials they had questions about.  When 6pm rolled around people started trickling in, and the first couple of people wandered into our area looking very confused about why they were directed there. After that inauspicious start, things got busy very fast. We did our very best to provide helpful feedback in the shortest time possible, and I think for the most part we did a pretty good job. The word started to get around and soon there was a line forming for our little area. It was basically non-stop de